The new version of the CSDM will undergo prelimiary field testing at The Dragon fields in the coming weeks. The newest version of the CSDM will see the incorporation of FieldMet data from A-Maps. FieldMet is an industry first, a cost effective high resolution readily deployable virtual weather station.


The Dragon fields are located at Holmwood Farms located west of Ottawa near the town of Arnprior. 4D Agro Inc. maintains access to the Dragon fields in order to test, evaluate and demonstrate advanced research within a commercial farm environment.

Advancing Field and Turf Management...

4dsmall4D Agro is pleased to be an industry leading agricultural & turf care management service. This service is based upon a new approach to analysis & modeling technology combining agronomy, soil science, and GIS/Remote sensing. The 4D agro suite provides an online monitoring service that combines industry leading GIS Software and state of the art crop/turf science analysis

The 4D Agro analysis service provides:

arrow An informative, reliable and up to date view of field or course nutrient and water dynamics.

arrow The modeling capability of the 4D analysis engine links time dependent soil transport mechanisms to 3D soil and topography data of each field, adding the 4th dimension of time to allow computer based agricultural and turf care management.

4D Agro is a product that:

arrow Continuously monitors course nutrient levels by concentration and location.

arrow GPS referenced.

arrow Accounts for crop / turf uptake and the influences that weather, elevation, irrigation, soil composition and management practices have on nutrient and water dynamics.

arrow Provides the end user with valuable daily nutrient data in kg.m2 and delineating areas of concern which are above or below critical thresholds.